Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Question of the week

What is the craziest thing someone has ever said to you about your multiples and how did you respond?
It's something about seeing multiples that turns normally intelligent people into bumbling idiots.
It's hard to go anywhere without several people stopping us to talk about twins, share their personal stories about twins, give us advice ( my personal favorite- "rub cognac and sugar on her gums, it'll make teething easier..."), gawk at my girls, tell me about their uncle's cousin's nephew who's a twin, etc. Most days I take it in stride, smile and listen politely while they share their stories. *sigh*

The craziest comment is one I get pretty often- "Are they both yours?"
I still have yet to come up with a witty response to this because it usually follows, "Are they twins?" And then I'm left speechless.

Really? WTF people.... I could almost wrap my brain around this question if my girls were fraternal, but they're not. They're completely identical. Same height, same weight. Ditto. Copy and Paste.  If I just said "yes, they are twins", how could you wonder if they were both mine?
If you can think of a good response for me, I'd like to hear it.

I've also been asked some pretty personal questions, like "were they natural"? Depending on the situation I usually respond "yes, they were a totally unexpected surprise, too". But WTF, "natural"???...does this somehow make babies born after fertility treatments "unnatural"? How is this anyone's business? Especially a stranger at the mall...

I envy singleton moms.... on the rare occasions when Cody and I split up the girls and run errands with "just one baby", it's so peaceful. Maybe a sweet old lady will tell me how cute my girl is, or someone will ask how old my baby is... but that's it. No ridiculous questions, no feeling like a freak show... just a peaceful trip to the grocery store.

I can only imagine how crazy life is for mom with triplets or more.....

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