Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Easter 2011

Last year

This year

Collin's first Easter.

Monday, April 11, 2011

30 before 30- DONE.... sort of.

So yesterday was my 30th birthday... 28 out of 30 "to do" list items completed since I made the list in August, not too shabby. 

1. Learn to make caramels
2. Learn to make French Macarons

3. Go to an LSU football or baseball game

4. Go to a Renaissance Festival

5. Buy a new car

6. Attend an outdoor music festival

7. Create a personal cookbook of family recipes

8. Tour a brewery

9. Pay off my credit card

10. Make a pie from scratch, including the crust

11. Learn to knit and complete a project

12. Adopt a Pug or French Bulldog from a rescue
13. Build a sand castle with my girls
14. Go on a family trip

15. Fly a Kite on the levee

16. Get a professional haircut/style
17. Spend a day at the spa
18. Cook a 5-course meal and have a dinner party with my friends
19. Read 10 books in 10 weeks
20. Visit a State Park
21. Have a baby (this is a topic for a future blog post, but we're expecting a surprise #3 in Feb, 2011!)
22. Go to a Comedy Show
23. Clean out my closet and donate all the clothes I never wear to Goodwill
24. Paint the House
25. Do a 30-day Yoga experience
26. Go Fishing
27. Take the girls to the New Orleans Children's museum
28. Visit a Zoo outside of my city
29.  Design and build a chicken coop for my "urban chickens"
30. Volunteer with either Habitat for Humanity or the Humane society