Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Overtime and Underbudget! Project Playroom!

 We moved into a 1950's ranch-style house with faux wood laminate and wood paneling several years ago. Since then, Cody and I have done almost all the remodeling on our house. Immediately we set to work on the floors and kitchen, then the living room and bathroom. Eventually the nursery. Slowly but surely the whole house is coming together.
Sure it would have been faster and easier to just hire someone or *gasp* move into a newer house without the laundry list of repairs, but that's not our style. We loved the location and we liked the challenge. Our most recent project was turning the spare room into the girls' playroom. Originally we planned for a week to complete the girls' playroom remodel.... 3 weeks later, it's done. Finally. We allotted $500 for the renovation and came in $200 under budget! How awesome is that????
We tried to stick with "green" items- underlayment made from recycled bottled for the floor, low VOC paint, wood flooring made from renewable wood. My first choice was cork, we have used cork flooring in other rooms in the house and I love it, but this time it was nearly impossible to find cork flooring locally, so we chose a nice pine instead.
Removing the several layers of old floor... 
The Awful laminate
Pretty New Floor and lots of new storage!
In the end we decided to move the cribs in here too. The room had plenty of space for all their toys AND now we have their old nursery to turn into a real guest bedroom (yet another project *sigh*) I love the way their room turned out. It's bright and cheery and safe for babies to destroy play.  

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