Monday, May 31, 2010

My little fishies.

Em and Zo have loved the water ever since they were very tiny. Bath time is their favorite time of day and they'd spend hours in the tub if I would let them. At home we have a tiny blow-up plastic kid's pool outside that we intend to upgrade to something larger as the girls get older. Pool time" has become a daily event at our house.
In the morning, Em will even go to the back door and stare longingly at her pool. Thier love of swimming is second only to their love of our cat, and that says a LOT. lol

The past weekend we visited my parents at their vacation home. My folks spoil the girls rotten and always have new toys and gifts when we visit. I'm not sure who enjoys it more, my folks or the girls.
This weekend they had gotten a much larger kid's pool and several bath tub toys for the girls and had everything set up for them before we arrived.
The look on the girls' faces were priceless! They were literally shaking with excitement at the sight of the big pool and all the toys floating in it.

This pictures sums it all up nicely... lol


  1. I can't tell them apart, but I love the last picture!!!

  2. Ha! I have trouble at times, too. (shh... don't let anyone else know that. lol)
    The last pic is Em (purple bathing suit), she's been a total camera ham lately.