Monday, August 30, 2010

Went on down to the Audubon Zoo....

We finally brought the girls to the New Orleans Zoo! (and Aquarium). It seemed like every time we made plans to go, the weather decided it had other plans. I'm from New Orleans and love playing tourist in the city where I grew up. Some of my fondest childhood memories at the the Audubon Zoo and I hope my girls will grow up having many of the same experiences there. I've been to a lot of zoos around the world... and Audubon  truly is one of the most outstanding Zoos in the country. 

The girls LOVE zoos. Especially Emily, she loves to watch the animals and will sit quietly studying them (unless it's a big cat... the kid is crazy about felines and loves to proudly demonstrate her ability to identify "cats"). Zoey, on the other hand, loves to chase them and "hands-on" critters in the petting Zoo are her favorite.
Zoey and her Goat
Hot day at the Zoo! 

White Gator
Emily excitedly pointed at the Jaguar and yelled "kitty cat!"....
The next day we tackled the Aquarium of the Americas (and after the scorching heat at the zoo, the indoor A/C was heavenly). The Aquarium is currently housing several of the endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtles that was injured by the BP Oil spill in the Gulf. We were able to see a couple of them on display while they recover. Eventually they'll be returned to the ocean, but it was very cool to see them.

Kemp's Ridley on display. 

The Kid's discovery Zone was a hit! Emily loved the Clownfish's Anemone zone... she would have played there all day if we let her.

Em, the clownfish...

We finished up with lunch at the House of Blues in the French Quarter... (and a quick trip to the NOLA Lush store for mama...)

Em being a camera ham...
Very sleepy girls....

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