Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The new guy...

Our beloved Pug, Otis, passed away several months ago. Cody and I miss him terribly. Otis was one of our first rescue dogs... well actually his Mom, Jasmine, was. Unknown to us at the time, she was pregnant and later gave birth to six healthy happy pug babies on my pillow in our master bedroom back in '02. Otis can never be replaced, and his passing left a "small dog" void in our lives. We decided we would adopt another pug when one came along. Since all of our dogs are rescues, we figured it would take a while before "the right dog" came along.... silly us!

Meet Jockamo.
No, he's not a pug, he's a French Bulldog- or Frenchie.
He's 16 weeks old and a rescue from a puppymill in OK. Through some of my friends in the animal rescue world, we were introduced to the little guy and felt he'd be a good match for our active family. Thanks to some amazing volunteers, Jockamo caught a ride down to the deep South to join us!
He moved in to our home like he's lived here his whole life. He loves the twins, plays great with the other dogs and even has the cats warming up to him!
Jock and Monty 

Sleepy puppy
Checking out the pool
Zoey loves her new buddy!

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